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Family Advocacy Resources Inc, a 501(c)(3) not for profit corporation, was
developed by Randi Solomon, the parent of 3 children with disabilities, and a
grass roots group of individuals, with and without disabilities who envision a
world where people with disabilities can obtain their own highest personal level
of independence through self-advocacy.

Our purpose is to educate people with disabilities and/or their caregivers on how
to navigate systems, receive entitlements, and how to access community services
such as transportation, housing, education, employment and recreation.
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Family Advocacy Resources
items you may see or read.Please contact
your own doctor or professional for your
own advice

Information on the FAR website is
not intended or considered to
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Additionally, FAR bears no
responsibility for the accuracy of
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The philosophy of FAR
represents the passion and
commitment of it's founders
who believe that all people
on the disability spectrum
deserve the right to obtain
their own highest level of
independence through
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