Letter To The Florida Department Of Education
Requesting Clarification of Service Duration on an Individual Education Plan
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My Quest
for the
Definition of "Daily"

In 2007, during the many IEP meetings I attended as an advocate, I
noticed a "trend" starting on student's IEP's -The word "daily" was being
written into student's Individual Education Plans under the section
"duration or frequency of services." As a lay advocate at school meetings,
I always requested the definition of "daily". I could never quite
understand the response to my inquiry that all could agree upon.

From school to school, IEP meeting to Child Study Team meeting,
parents would question the meaning of "daily". No one could really define
"daily" to me and the parents I work with to our understanding. Each
time no one could agree exactly on the definition of “daily” and how much
service the student was receiving on his/her IEP.

Parents were approaching me and saying their children were failing in
school. They wanted to increase academic services on their children's
Individual Education Plan. I asked these parents how the duration or
frequency of services was written on their child's IEP's. They told me
"daily”. OK,  how much time is "daily"? Is it once a day for 5 minutes? Is it
a half day? Is it all day? How much does this impact the duration of
services for Extended School Year? What
is "daily"? Parents struggled for
an answer. I would then ask the next question. "If we don't know how
much time "daily" is, how can we request an increase of the frequency of
a service time called "daily"?

I contacted the Florida Department of Education. The FLDOE requested I
email my question and they responded back. I then continued my quest
and showed the response from the FLDOE email to several schools. Some
schools understood the confusion. They saw the email: we discussed it,
and made changes so that every person on the IEP team understood the
frequency of the service. Other schools felt the email didn't go far enough
with the information.  I understood their viewpoint. We needed additional
clarity on duration of services. I talked with other advocates in our the
area and around the state, and many have had the same issue. I needed
help. I contacted a well known advocate/attorney on children's
educational/disability rights. The conclusion was that I needed to write a
well thought out letter requesting clarification of "daily" from the FLDOE.

The intent of this letter is NOT to create obstacles, but to obtain clarity.
To the right is a copy of the  letter.
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