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    Randi started advocating in 1987, when her first son was initially
    diagnosed with a severe expressive/receptive language disorder.
    (Along with "Retardation"....a word that personally distasteful to
    Randi) Two years later, he son was diagnosed with High
    Functioning Autism. Her other two children were ultimately
    diagnosed with Aspergers as well as other disabilities .. Using
    techniques learned at various trainings, Randi became a “support
    parent” through “Parent To Parent.  She became an active
    volunteer advocate for her children, and for other children and
    their parents throughout the area. Her philosophy has always
    been that if it were not for others helping her in the community,
    her children would never have received the help that they
    needed. Her wish is to “pay back” the community for all the help
    she has received and to “pay forward" all that she has learned.

    Challenges with education, transportation, Social Security,
    housing, and assistive technology can be frustrating to navigate.  
    Randi teaches people with disabilities and/or their caregivers
    how to find a path through all these challenges. She assists
    people with disabilities to achieve and maintain their highest
    level of independence through knowledge and self-advocacy.  
    Randi requests clients to “pay forward” the help they have
    received by helping others in similar circumstances.

    Her clients come from all walks of life, crossing all economic and
    cultural barriers.  We may not always have the answers, but we
    work to help find  solutions so our clients can find the right path
    to knowledge and self-advocacy. She believed that to be an
    advocate is to be knowledgeable on how to use self-advocacy
    techniques to achieve goals.